IGEM:Cambridge/2008/Notebook/Voltage/Future Work

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Future Work

Better K+ uptake

If a stronger K+ uptake could be made then in principal cells could be grown in the same medium as testing was done. This would potentially allow cells to be grown as a surface over an agar plate and still act to produce action potentials, thereby acting as neurones.

  • Up regulate KDP constitutively
  • Find K+ tolerant strains
  • Check maximum trans-membrane potential

Move to Bacillus

Need to make GluR0 Bacillus compatible

  • Codon bias already favourable for Bacillus
  • Need to put different promoter and RBS
  • Integrate into genome?

Voltage Gated Potassium Channel

To get self propagating signal we need to find and construct a voltage gated potassium channel.

  • Relatively rare in Prokaryotes
  • Some available although not well characterised, such as Kch
  • Overexpress and see if it improves output.