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(Members of the press, please see the iGEM Press Kit)

blogs covering iGEM 2009

  • [http://www.the-scientist.com/blog/browse/blogger/33/ The Scientist] scroll down for several blog posts about iGEM and the Jamboree written by Alla Katsnelson.
  • [http://igemkuleuven.wordpress.com/ KULeuven] blogs about their iGEM experience.
  • iGEM 2008 judge, [http://synthesis.typepad.com/synthesis/2008/11/igem-2008.html Rob Carlson], shares his thoughts about iGEM and the successes of this year's teams.
  • [http://blog.ginkgobioworks.com/2008/11/09/team-slovenia-igem-grand-prize-winners-again/ Ginkgobioworks], with several of its members serving as judges this year, blog about the iGEM 2008 Jamboree.
  • Eric Bland writes about iGEM on his [http://blogs.discovery.com/news_interior_design/2008/11/igem-2008.htmlInterior Design] blog, as part of Discovery Channel News.
  • [http://bostonist.com/2008/11/12/beaker_hill_synthetic_biology_igem.php bostonist] talks about the Jamboree in a [http://bostonist.com/tags/igem three part series] on iGEM.
  • The UC Berkeley team blogs about their iGEM experience on their [http://blogs.coe.berkeley.edu/igem/about/ Berkeley Engineering] blog.

news articles about iGEM 2009

If you would like to share an article that was written about iGEM or your iGEM team, please link to it on this page. If you have multiple articles featuring your team, link to them all individually!

Post the name of your team, the title of your article, where it was featured, and provide a link to it.

Team Example: Title of article, Nature, [link]


  • The Scientist: Brick by Brick Feb 1, 2009. [http://www.the-scientist.com/article/display/55378/ The Scientist]
  • The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Students, Scientists Build Biological Machines Dec. 30, 2008 [http://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/technology/index.html The NewsHour] [http://www-tc.pbs.org/newshour/rss/media/2008/12/30/20081230_biology.mp3 (Download Audio)]
  • National Geographic News: New Biological "Machines" Fight Disease, Produce Power [http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/11/081112-synthetic-biology.html National Geographic News]
  • [http://radar.oreilly.com/archives/2007/12/stories-we-want-1.html O'Reilly Radar: Looking Forward to iGEM in 2008]
  • [http://www.sciencefriday.com/program/archives/200802291 Science Friday: Anticipating Synthetic Biology] ([http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510221/87816117/npr_87816117.mp3 mp3 here)]

team specific

  • Hawaii: "Bioengineers bring home awards from iGEM", [http://media.www.kaleo.org/media/storage/paper872/news/2008/12/04/News/Bioengineers.Bring.Home.Awards.From.Igem-3568981.shtml Ka Leo O Hawaii (December 4th, 2008)]
  • Alberta NINT & University of Alberta "U of A students bring home hardware from iGEM competition", [http://www.expressnews.ualberta.ca/article.cfm?id=9758 University of Alberta Express News (November 13, 2008)]
  • Alberta NINT "iGEM Jamboree Attracts 7 Alberta Student Teams", [http://www.innovationanthology.com/programs.php?id=195 Innovation Anthology (November 6, 2008)] [http://www.innovationanthology.com/uploads/Innovation%20Anthology%20182.mp3 (mp3 here)]
  • Alberta NINT & University of Alberta "Success of Butanerds fires up competitive spirit in synthetic biology", [http://www.expressnews.ualberta.ca/article.cfm?id=9605 University of Alberta Express News (September 18, 2008)]
  • Guelph "Student Project Aims to Prevent Blindness in Children Using Bacteria", [http://www.uoguelph.ca/news/2008/11/post_151.html University of Guelph Press Release (November 13, 2008)]
  • Guelph "Student Project Aims to Prevent Blindness in Children Using Bacteria", [http://news.guelphmercury.com/News/BreakingNews/article/403883 The Guelph Mercury (November 13, 2008)]
  • Guelph "Guelph Team wins metal at MIT iGEM", [http://www.plant.uoguelph.ca/news/archive/fall2008.html Plant Agriculture News (November 13, 2008)]
  • Guelph "Student Project Aims to Prevent Blindness in Children Using Bacteria", [http://www.exchangemagazine.com/morningpost/2008/week46/Friday/111416.htm Exchange Morning Post (November 14,2008)]
  • Guelph "Researchers at the University of Guelph Make Bacteria with Unusual Properties", [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AWAuOkJm1c 1460 CJOY AM (November 14, 2008)]
  • Guelph "Guelph team wins at international science competition at MIT - project has potential to solve problem of vitamin A deficiency", [http://theontarion.ca/viewarticle.php?id_pag=2067 The Ontarion; The University of Guelph's Independant Student Newspaper (November 20, 2008)]
  • KULeuven: "Synthetische biologie: Open source biologie" ("Synthetic biology: Open source biology"), C2W Life Sciences (July 12 2008) & MeMo (September 11 2008) (MeMo is a magazine of the [http://www.kvcv.be/ Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging])
  • KULeuven: "Studenten K.U.Leuven met ontwerp intelligente bacterie Dr. Coli in MIT-wedstrijd synthetische biologie" ("Students of K.U.Leuven with design of intelligent bacterium Dr. Coli in MIT-competition synthetic biology"), [http://dagkrant.kuleuven.be/?q=node/5098 Dagkrant K.U.Leuven (September 1 2008)]
  • MIT+Caltech: Engineering Edible Bacteria, [http://www.technologyreview.com/printer_friendly_article.aspx?id=21654 MIT Tech Review] (with video)
  • Rice:"Better beer: college team creating anti-cancer brew", [http://www.media.rice.edu/media/NewsBot.asp?MODE=VIEW&ID=11642 Rice University News and Media (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"'BioBeer' with wine's cancer fighting qualities", [http://www.dailyindia.com/show/277686.php Daily India (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"College students making anti-cancer beer, [http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2008/10/17/College_students_making_anti-cancer_beer/UPI-33191224299305/ United Press International (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Drink beer to avoid cancer…", [http://blogs.zdnet.com/emergingtech/?p=1067 ZDNet (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Coming soon, ”BioBeer” with wine’’s cancer fighting qualities", [http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/india-news/coming-soon-biobeer-with-wines-cancer-fighting-qualities_100108232.html Thaindian.com/ANI wire (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"College Team Create Anticancer 'BioBeer' For Entry In Synthetic Biology's IGEM Contest", [http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/125887.php Medical News Today (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Rice Biology Students: Making Beer Better", [http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2008/10/biobeer_genetic_resveratrol.php Houston Press (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Can drinking beer help cure cancer?", [http://mobile.itwire.com/content/view/21268/1066/ IT Wire (October 17th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Creating anticancer beer", [http://current.com/items/89430237_creating_anticancer_beer Current.com (October 20th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"It's Oktober: I'll Drink To That!", [http://www.popsci.com/rachel-durfee/article/2008-10/its-oktober-ill-drink?page= Popular Science, (October 21st, 2008)]
  • Rice:"University researchers developing cancer-fighting beer", [http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=printArticleBasic&taxonomyName=Development&articleId=9117656&taxonomyId=11 Computerworld, (October 21st, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Free Beer in an Unfree World", [http://reason.com/blog/show/129611.html Reason.com (October 22nd, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Researchers Developing Cancer-Fighting Beer", [http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/10/22/2230223&from=rss Slashdot (October 22nd, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Cold, Frosty and Healthy ...", [http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,443798,00.html Fox News (October 24th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Snart kan öl bekämpa cancer", [http://www.metro.se/se/article/2008/10/24/15/4736-68/index.xml Metro Teknik (October 24th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"'Fancy a swift twother?'", [http://www.thepublican.com/story.asp?sectioncode=7&storycode=61591&c=1 The Publican (October 24th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Breakthroughs, tips and trends: Beer therapy", [http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article5007974.ece Times of London (October 25th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"BioBeer Fights Cancer And Gets You Drunk", [http://www.javno.com/en/world/clanak.php?id=196507 Javno (Croatia) (October 25th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"A beer that battles cancer?", [http://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/health/28866/a-beer-battles-cancer Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) (October 25th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Geek Week: Geek-o-naut returns home, researchers go for the foam", [http://weblog.infoworld.com/robertxcringely/archives/2008/10/geek_week_geeko.html InfoWorld (October 27th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Rice University Students Aim For Creating A Beer Healthier Than Red Wine", [http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7012806080 All Headline News (October 27th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"University researchers developing cancer-fighting beer", [http://www.techworld.com.au/article/264626/university_researchers_developing_cancer-fighting_beer TechWorld Australia (This Computerworld story also appears in CIO Magazine, Australia) (October 28th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Beer Drinkers Rejoice: Cancer-Fighting Beer in Development", [http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272623475.shtml The National Ledger (October 28th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Anti-cancer beer under development", [http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/2278/anti-cancer-beer-under-development COSMOS magazine (October 29th, 2008)]
  • Rice:"Beer taps wine's health benefit", [http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20081028/news_lz1c28lafee.html San Diego Union-Tribune (October 29th, 2008)]
  • TU Delft: "Studenten pimpen bacteriën" ("Students pimp bacteria"), [http://www.tudelft.nl/live/pagina.jsp?id=23acdd35-ef09-4bfc-bee6-19e0f974913f&lang=nl TU Delft news (June 25 2008)]
  • TU Delft: "Synthetische biologie: Open source biologie" ("Synthetic biology: Open source biology"), [http://www.biw.kuleuven.be/persberichten/fiches/c2wLS-080712.pdf C2W Life Sciences (July 12 2008)]
  • TU Delft: "Creatief met genetische lego - studenten bouwen thermometerbacteriën in internationale competitie" ("Being creative with genetic lego - Students build thermometer bacteria in an international competition"), NRC newspaper (August 21 2008)
  • TU Delft: "Studenten maken een thermometerbacterie" ("Students engineer a thermometer bacterium"), [http://www.delta.tudelft.nl/nl/archief/artikel/studenten-maken-een-thermometerbacterie/18466 TU Delta (September 25 2008)]
  • Team:UNIPV-Pavia: "Il batterio gioca con l'elettronica - Biologia. Modificato geneticamente, agisce come un interruttore: potra' produrre farmaci e ripulire ecosistemi E' stato ideato da un team italiano e ha vinto la medaglia d'argento al concorso di bioingegneria del Mit di Boston", LASTAMPA (Italian), [http://archivio.lastampa.it:80/LaStampaArchivio/main/History/tmpl_viewObj.jsp?objid=8969738 (December 17, 2010)]