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We are looking for volunteers to help out at the iGEM 2008 Jamboree. We will need volunteers to help run the Jamboree on November 7-9. There will be many opportunities to volunteer in different areas such as helping us set up, operating video equipment, helping participants stay organized, answering questions, and in general making iGEM 2008 a success.

Keep in mind that your first priority as volunteer is to your designated area and that this may mean that you will miss out on some/all presentations.

iGEM alums: This is a great opportunity to stay involved with iGEM even if you can't participate on a team.

Volunteer areas:

(see below for descriptions)

Sign-up here!

Please state your area of interest (from the list above) and your availability in the form below. (Contact Meagan with any comments or questions)

Name Email Friday availability Saturday availability Sunday availability Area(s) of interest Comments
Mac Cowell mac AT diybio DOT org all day all day all day all areas
Kim Kim DOT deMora AT gmail DOT com 7pm - 10pm all day all day Judges, technical, general
Camille Camille DOT Delebecque AT gmail DOT com 7pm - 10pm all day all day Judges, technical, general
Jason Morrison Jason dot p dot morrison at gmail
Laina silvapy2020 AT yahoo DOT com all day all day Judges, general,social event
Caroline cdehart AT princeton DOT edu n/a all day 8:30 am-1pm Social event, Judges, General
George Ye george dot ye at gmail 7-10pm all day all day Judge, technical, general
Perry Tsai
David Kusinsky all day all day
John Shearer all day all day
Katie Clifford katie at igem dot org all day all day all day
Molly Sicchio molly at igem dot org all day all day all day
Melissa Li smelissali [shift+2] gmail 6pm --> --> 6pm --> 12pm all

Volunteer area details:

  • Operate a video camera to record team presentations. Requires standing at the back of the room and focusing on the presenter or presentation. May have to interact with MIT AV representative if problems occur.
  • Liaison between the judges, the head of the judging committee, iGEM HQ. Requires checking in on judges throughout the day and helping in any way necessary.
  • Help to coordinate and carryout food set-up if needed. Mostly requires directing participants to different food and beverage locations, making sure areas are stocked, serving as a liaison between food and beverage stations/attendants and iGEM HQ.
Social event
  • Help plan, organize, and set up for the Jamboree social event taking place on Saturday night. Ideas for what you would like to have at a social event/club-type dance would be especially welcome. We need a lot of input for the Saturday night social event so we welcome all suggestions. This is an especially great opportunity for iGEM 2008 participants to help out -- tell us what you want at the social event!
Room monitor
  • Help deal with any issues in the presentation rooms, assist the judges, capture team presentations at the beginning of sessions, answer questions, serve as liaison between judges, participants, and iGEM HQ. You must also enforce the room capacity limits and direct people to overflow plasma screen areas.
  • Help with uploading team presentation and poster files to the web, provide camera assistance, and help with any other technical question that come up.
  • Friday night practice room session help
  • General tasks throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday