Purdue/27 June 2008

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The "transformed" cells still did not grow on an Amp plate, meaning no cells took up the LacZ or the SOS DNA. The problem is most likely the DNA and/or the DNA prepping procedure. We'll need to contact our iGEM contact, and ask what to do.

Later today, we'll inoculate another liquid media tube (so as not to lose the stock of cells), and plate again on newer Amp plates (to see if the old agar was too old or something).

Edited by Janie Stine

Innoculated three new tubes, one with SOS, LacZ, and the GFP. Also "innoculated" as sterile tube from the stock to check for native contamination that could be taking over against our transformed bacteria. Also, took from same tubes I did the tube innoculation, I plated each bacterial strain on AMP plates. Will check Sunday morning to see if they worked.

Edited by Craig Barcus