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Links to Outside Sources that may be useful

IBE Student Chapter Wiki, [1]

A general overview of milk and how factors affect its lifespan and production, [2].

Go through Purdue Libraries [3] to get to the research databases. I prefer Web of Science.

Wiley Protocols in Molecular Biology. Link will only work on Purdue Recognized Computers. [4]

University of Guelph Overview of Milk: [5].

Biobricks Parts Registry [6]

Literature Articles that may be of use

Investigations into the activity of enzymes produced by spoilage-causing bacteria: a possible basis for improved shelf-life estimation: Braun et al. Food Microbiology. v.16 Pgs. 531-540. 1999.

Microbial and biochemical spoilage of foods: An overview. intVeld, JHJH. International Journal of Food Microbiology. v.33 Pgs. 1-18. 1996.

Literature Review by Craig Barcus