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  • Team:TUDelft/Ethics macro
    ...s of individual employees, public attitudes, litigation, fear of bad media attention, activism by NGOs, etc., all play a role in “calculating” the risk or i ... application and related processes within an organism are in the centre of attention, while in metabolic engineering the technology and the organism itself play
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  • Team:TUDelft/Ethics discussion
    ...ogenic systems may therefore easily be developed. The question is how much attention a team participating in iGEM can give this issue and to what extent the tea ... about them anymore, according to some. Others still think the application needs to be considered, along with ethical issues like biosafety, biosecurity, pu
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  • Team:HKUSTers/Initial Proposal/Memorizer
    *Disadvantages: Promoter and AD/BD needs to be constructed or designed. ...eeded to stabilize reporter gene. By the same analogy, the bistable switch needs also be on without AD-BD activation
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  • Team:BrownTwo/Notebook
    ...he bottom. Decided to use it anyway just in case. Will have to pay close attention to the control.<br /> Note the following that needs to be done:<br />
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  • Registration FAQs
    most of our attention into iGEM during October and November (and we rest a bit with the US holida the parts, I am interested in seeing how to meet the different schedule needs of the Southern Hemisphere teams.
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  • DNA restriction digest
    [[Category:Needs attention]] <!--Delete this line once the protocol is complete-->
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  • Team:ESBS-Strasbourg/System construction
    ...arts, which fulfil the requirements on each of these three levels. Special attention should be put to the following questions:<br> **Needs to persist during APC activity, but must be degraded quite fast afterwards.
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