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At the beginning of the summer, we run a set of workshops for iGEM teachers. These workshops are one day meetings of iGEM instructors. For the convenience of the community, we run one workshop in the US, one in Europe, and one in Asia.

Find out about the MIT Teachers Workshop, Saturday, May 3rd

Past Teachers' workshops


Teachers' Workshop Registration

We will be setting up some form of Registration for the three Teachers' workshops. Keep checking back for more details.

If you need an official invitation letter, contact us and we will help you as much as possible. (We will be implementing a more automatic way of obtaining an invitation letter soon)

Every team MUST send at least one instructor. This year students are invited to attend as well - and we highly encourage it if possible! You only have to attend one of the three workshops and whichever one you register for is your choice.

Teachers' Workshop MIT - May 3rd

The North America workshop will take place at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 3rd. Click here to find out more information and see the agenda for the MIT Teachers' workshop.

Asia - TBD (End of May)

Europe - TBD (Early-Mid June)