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Spidersilk Production in Bacteria this idea was very interesting, but has been done before. The problem that current research is hoping to overcome is spinning the material into a useful product

Hydrogen Production in Bacteria this possibility is thoroughly being researched by several prominent scientists. Algae is confirmed to produce H2 in the absence of sulfur, but bioproduction of hydrogen is very inefficient very difficult to accomplish much in four months.

Reverse Translation obtain the mRNA sequence from a protein structure. This is highly theoretical and little applications

Bacteria maintaining insulin homeostasis in vivo a bacteria with the circuits that allow sensor of glucose/insulin concentrations, a circuit that induce the production of insulin, and a circuit that control the slow release of insulin into the surroundings

Bacteria dialysis Bacteria able to supplement the kidney, or dialysis machine, in cleaning blood

Bacterial Transistor Having voltage-sensitive ion channels within the membrane of a bacteria that when a threshold voltage is applied, the ion channels will open to allow a current to pass through. This could be taken further so that there are multiple threshold currents such that threshold voltage A elicits one response while threshold voltage B elicits another response, etc.

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