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LacI Inducible System

In this system, the lac repressor (LacI) is controlled by a strong constitutive promoter, and is upstream of mtrB under the control of pLac, a LacI regulated promoter. In the default state, LacI is expressed, and inhibits transcription at pLac. Thus, in the default state, mtrB is not expressed. IPTG (an analog of allolactose) induces mtrB expression by binding to LacI, thereby preventing it from inhibiting transcription at pLac.

BBa_K098984 with BioBrick Prefix and Suffix

Inducibility Test for Lac System with GFP

An induction test was designed to test the inducibility of the lac system by IPTG when the repressor (LacI) is driven by a weak promoter.


Click for diagram of induction experimental method


Induction of GFP expression was observed at both 2 and 4 hours after adding IPTG. Levels of GFP expression in uninduced samples, however, remained relatively the same throughout the 4 hours. Meanwhile, IPTG induction was not observed in either the negative control (BBa_K098981) or the constitutive GFP control (BBa_K098991).

Lac Inducibility Results