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Uploading and Linking Files/Images

  • For Images
IGEM basic logo.jpg
image thumbnail: (show as thumbnail, align on the right hand side)
 [[Image:IGEM basic logo.jpg|thumb|right]]

  • For Regular Files (e.g. .ppt, .pdf, .doc)
file "details page" link:
 File:2008.05.22 iGEM Labmeeting Slides.pdf
file direct download: (show up as text link "PDF Slides")
 [[Media:2008.05.22_iGEM_Labmeeting_Slides.pdf | PDF Slides]]
 PDF Slides
  • For more detailed documentaion about images, see [1]. In brief, the syntax for displaying an image is:

MediaWiki Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet shows the basic formatting tricks. For more complete documentation see [2]

Wiki text Result
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
'''''bold and italic''''' bold and italic

===level 2===
====level 3====
=====level 4=====

Headings in different sizes
[[Link to another page]]

[[Link|different title]]

Internal Link to another page

on the wiki
[ Text]

External link

Link with description

[[fr:Page en français]] Interwiki link to french Wikipedia (appears under “languages“)
[[Category:Example]] Add article to category “example“


horizontal line

* one
* two
* three

Bullet list

# one
# two
# three

Numbered list


Image with alternative text

Image aligned right with caption

[[Media:File.ogg]] Download link
{{Name}} Include template “Name“
--~~~ Signature (Link to userpage)


Signature with timestamp
#REDIRECT [[Other article]] Redirect to another article