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Human Practice - Science Communication

Phips the Phage

Hi there,
my name is Phips the Phage and I am very happy to welcome you. Since I am a Phage most of the time I am all alone - people are frightened of me because I look like a dangerous virus... of course I am not! But I'll explain that to you later if you want.

As you perhaps have noticed, synthetic biology seems to be quite complicated. Well, that might be right- but everything is complicated when seeing it the first time, right? So... hmmm... is there perhaps anything I could do for you?

Hey, I got an idea: Wouldn't it be fun to get to know something about this mysterious field "synthetic biology"?
Phips 1.png
Well, some very close friends of mine are scientists in Heidelberg (the only people not running away in horror when seeing me) and they are working in the field of synthetic biology... follow me... I show you who they are ... follow Phips (step 1)

You want to know something specific? Well, then directly have a look at my explaining pages:

- ... follow Phips to the general background information
- ... follow Phips to the technical background information
- ... follow Phips to the project details

Phips and Friends

Here you can see me with my closest friends Anna and Dominik. They were the ones who helped me to get alive, who gave me a history and who provided me with these outstanding science communication pages, where I can jump around and tell you everything I learned about Synthetic Biology!

See me and my team sing our project song!
... follow Phips to the Ecolicence Project Song