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Lab Work

Wet Lab

  • We MiniPrepped the ligations (K145150+E0240, R0040+P0353, E0040+B0015, K145254, K145150+B0034, K145013+pSB1A2, C0062). Then we made digests of them.
  • The colonies resulting from the electroporation were streaked out. K145280 colonies were not fluorescent, K145279 were. Maybe this is because of the long lifetime of GFP.
  • We did a PCR to test the ligations. Only K145201+K145205, K145201+R0040+E0240, R0040+B0033+C0056+B0015 seemed fine. We made a liquid culture of them.
  • We made a glycerolstock of some successful ligations.

Dry Lab


Finished the MultiCell Toolbox and edited its Wiki-page.


Last edits were conducted to the picture gallery, so it doesn't look like... well you know what, no more. Wiki finished.


We discovered on the iGEM - Statistics page that our website is ranked n°2 in the list of Most Viewed Pages (with a n°1 place for the iGEM home page).