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Goal and Circuit Operation

  • Enhance and regulate the phosphate absorption of E.coli to balance phosphate concentration to a normal level in patients with kidney failure
  • This device operates when:
    • external pH is high and
    • external phosphate level is high
  • That is, this device will stop when:
    • external pH is low or
    • external phosphate level is low

Circuit Design

NYMU iGEM08 phosphate removal device v 1.0

NYMU IGEM08 phosphate device.png

  • over-expression of pst operon can enhance the total phosphate absorption by improving the cellular phosphate import
  • over-expression of ppK gene can enhance the total phosphate absorption by improving the cellular phosphate storage

Experimental Results

PhoB promoter - external phosphate sensory promoter

PhoB promoter under 40uM K2HPO4 (phosphate starvation)

NYMU 20081003 pPhoB 40uM pi growth.png

NYMU 20081003 pPhoB 40uM pi GFP.png

PhoB promoter under 40uM, 200uM and 1,000uM K2HPO4

PPhoB 20080927 + 20081003.png

PPK - synthase of Polyphosphate

PST - high affinity phosphate transporter



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Phosphate-oriented regulation

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