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Only the Oscillator, Tuner, and Reporter was successfully ligated together, so we performed a few Reporting Assays on it.


Reporting Assay 1

Reporting Assay 2

Reporting Assay 3

Reporting Assay 4

Started doing reporting assay of the Oscillator+Tuner+Synchronizer+Reporter construct, until we found out halfway that the construct had actually failed (we were using the time between measurement assay points to validate the length of the part from plasmid extraction->digestion->gel electrophoresis.

Reporting Assay 5

  • Aim
    • purely wanted to see the relationship that different amounts of IPTG has upon the fluorescence of the Oscillator+Tuner+Reporter construct. So OD600 was not measured except at the start.
  • IPTG concentrations: 0,50,100,200,300,500,1000,2000,4000 uM.
  • Measurement: every 5 minutes at the wavelengths (ex/em):
    • 488/533
    • 488/525
    • 475/515
    • 470/530


There was no significant difference between the wavelengths used. The shape looks the same to the human eye.