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Which gene goes were?

  • The key element to understand is that fliA stands as an accelerator. The first influence is caused by flhDC, and fliA gives the last burst. fliA also has a great influence in the fading phase, since it introduces a delay. This is what determined our choice in the order of fliL, flgA and flhB. We wanted to put in first the gene that was the least influenced by fliA, and in the end the gene the most influenced by fliA.

Graph No FliA 2bis.jpg
Graph FliAbis.jpg
  • In fact, this enabled us to force the curves into crossing themselves. In addition, the delay imposed by fliA in the decreasing phase, would permit us to widen the delays between the first and the last gene expression, thus getting better conditions to observe the FIFO in the wet lab.