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Characterization Approach : Application of our Generic Workflow - an Example

Here, we explain the generic protocol that leads to modeling "by characterization", throught one of the parts of our system. The chosen example is the activity of the promoter pFliL (that leads, in the core system, to the production of the Fluorescent Protein FP1) in function of the transcription factors FlhDC and FliA .
We know that the hexamere FlhD4C2 and the protein FliA act both on the promoter pFliL as inducers... how do we evaluate this phenomenon?
As it is illustrated below; starting from molecular reactions (1), we develop a model of our system (2), and then we identify the parameters (3) that need to be estimated. Essentially, it amounts to estimate Promoters Activities as functions of their Transcription Factors. To do so, we propose constructs (4), protocols (5) and programs (6).

CLICK on the images below for further information on each step!

Modelisation Experiments

By estimating all parameters of every function involved in our Full System, we achieve a "Modular Virtual Lab" of our System with potential predictive capacity.

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