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That will directly give us ƒ0
That will directly give us &#131;0, which corresponds to &beta;<sub>72</sub> in the [[Team:Paris/Modeling/Synchronisation|equations]], if the ''pConstitituve'' is J23101.

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In the exponential phase of growth, at the steady state, we have


param signification unit value
[exprJ23101] expression rate of
J23101 with RBS E0032
γGFP dilution-degradation rate
of GFP(mut3b)
min-1 0.0198
[GFP] GFP concentration at steady-state nM
(fluorescence) value of the observed fluorescence au
conversion conversion ratio between
fluorescence and concentration (1/79.429)

That will directly give us ƒ0, which corresponds to β72 in the equations, if the pConstitituve is J23101.