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Method & Algorithm : ƒ0

= act_J23101

Specific Plasmid Characterisation for ƒ0

According to the characterization plasmid (see right) and to our modeling, in the exponential phase of growth, at the steady state, the experiment would give us


↓ Table of Values ↑

param signification unit value comments
(fluorescence) value of the observed fluorescence au mean value of ~20 measures
conversion conversion ratio between
fluorescence and concentration
↓ gives ↓ (1/79.429)
[GFP] GFP concentration at steady-state nM
γGFP dilution-degradation rate
of GFP(mut3b)
↓ gives ↓
min-1 0.0198 Only dilution :
Time Cell Division : 35 min.
ƒ0 activity of
J23101 with RBS E0032

That will directly give us ƒ0

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