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| Figure core system
| Figure core system
| [[Image:Non.PNG‎]]
| [[Image:Non.PNG‎]]
| Liks core system
| Links core system
|- style="background: #dddddd;"
|- style="background: #dddddd;"
| style="background: #D4E2EF;" |Modular system
| style="background: #D4E2EF;" |Modular system

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System Improvements

Name Description Evaluation Links
Core system Figure core system Non.PNG Links core system
Modular system Figure modular system Orgstar.gifOrgstar.gif Links Garcia-Ojalvo
Resulting system Figure resulting system Orgstar.gifOrgstar.gifOrgstar.gif Links resulting
Synchronized oscillations should be given by S2.

Core system does not oscillate. How can we enhance it?

We need a 'delay' so we can:

1 add more genes to the circuit

2 use quorum sensing (qs)

we chose quorum sensing that can allowed both 'delay' and population synchonization. two ways to add it:

  • S4: Inspired from Garcia-Ojalvo: oscillating repressilator + oscillating qs module = synchronized oscillations
  • S2: it amounts to replace single interaction by more complex interactions: should create delay

we analyze both systems for their capacity to generate oscillations. S2 seems more promising. Thus we further analize S2 for its capacity to generate synchrionized oscillations.