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System Improvements




Name Description Evaluation Links
Core system Figure core system
Simulation of the core system
Links core system
Bimodular system Figure modular system
Simulation of the bimodular system
Links Garcia-Ojalvo
Unimodular system Figure resulting system File:Oscillating.jpg Links resulting
Synchronized oscillations should be given by the unimodular system.

Core system does not oscillate. How can we enhance it?

We need a 'delay' so we can:

1 add more genes to the circuit

2 use quorum sensing (qs)

we chose quorum sensing that can allowed both 'delay' and population synchonization. two ways to add it:

  • S4: Inspired from Garcia-Ojalvo: oscillating repressilator + oscillating qs module = synchronized oscillations
  • S2: it amounts to replace single interaction by more complex interactions: should create delay

we analyze both systems for their capacity to generate oscillations.

S2 seems more promising.

Thus we further analize S2 for its capacity to generate synchrionized oscillations (using different initial concentrations and cell populations variability).