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Modeling Objectives

  1. Develop a mechanistics ODE model of the population to predict gene expression dynamics
  2. Question? .... Will the color production be fast enough to be useful to the user? Or will it be too late?
  3. What is the relationship between UV exposure and reporter gene expression?
  4. Can we construct a useful calibration curve of color as a function of UV?

Modeling References

  1. 1997. "Mathematical model of the SOS response regulation of an excision repair deficient mutant of Escherichia coli after UV light irradation". [1]. Off-the-shelf mechanistic model of the SOS response. Utilized as the basic model for our system.
  1. 2005. "Response times and mechanisms of SOS induction by attaching promoters to GFP: "Precise Temporal Modulation in the Response of the SOS DNA Repair Network in Individual Bacteria" [2]. Potential Validation Data Set. Model should predict similar dynamics.

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