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When trying to access the research articles, most of them are through Web of Science, which means you must log into WoS through the Purdue Library Site listed below. The link is the first under Useful Tools Below. Go to the "Find a database" and click Web of Science (or PubMed depending on the article). Log in from there and then you should be able to click and retrieve the article or how to get to the article.

Useful References

Milk Research

  1. A general overview of milk and how factors affect its lifespan and production, [1].
  2. University of Guelph Overview of Milk: [2].
  3. Investigations into the activity of enzymes produced by spoilage-causing bacteria: a possible basis for improved shelf-life estimation: Braun et al. Food Microbiology. v.16 Pgs. 531-540. 1999.
  4. Microbial and biochemical spoilage of foods: An overview. intVeld, JHJH. International Journal of Food Microbiology. v.33 Pgs. 1-18. 1996.
  5. pH & gene expression old review (1993), but useful. [3]
  6. Effect of Temperature, Pressure, and CO2 Concentration on the pH of milk: Ma et al. Journal of Dairy Science. v.86 Pgs. 3822-3830. 2003. [4]
  7. Dairy Science and Technology. 2nd ed: Walstra et al. 2006 CRC Press.

UV Research

  1. An overview of the SOS genes, [5].
  2. A related article, examining response times and mechanisms of SOS induction by attaching promoters to GFP: [6].
  3. Web of Science page for "Binding of Photolyase of E. coli to UV-Damaged DNA" [7]
  4. Sequences of the E. coli Photolyase gene and protein: [8]
  5. 1987 "Induction of phr gene expression by irradiation of ultraviolet light in Escherichia coli." [9]
  6. 1987 "Induction of phr gene expression by pyrimidine dimers in Escherichia coli." [10]
  7. 1989 "The LexA protein does not bind specifically to the two SOS box-like sequences immediately 5' to the phr gene." [11]
  8. 1995 "Promoters of the phr gene in E. coli K-12": Ma, Chuping and Claud S. Rupert. Molecular and General Genetics. v.248 Pgs. 52-58. 1995.
  9. 2001 "Induction of phr gene expression in E. coli strain KY706/pPL-1 by He-Ne laser (632.8 nm) irradiation." [12]
  10. "Detecting UV damage in single DNA molecules by AFM" [13]
  11. Review article 1. [14]
  12. "Crystal Structure of thermostable DNA photolyase: pyrimidine dimer recognition mechanism." [15]
  13. Review article 2. "Light-driven enzymatic catalysis of DNA repair: a review of recent biophysical studies on photolyase". [16]
  14. "Physical Analysis of phr Gene Transcription in Escherichia coli K-12." [17]
  15. "Improved monomeric red, orange and yellow fluorescent proteins derived from Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein" (mCherry paper) [18]

UV Basics and Skin Cancer Statistics

  1. UV varies on any given day. What is the UV index? EPA definition and UV map predictions for US [19]
  2. Skin Cancer Stats from the American Academy of Dermatology [20]

Useful Tools

  1. Go through Purdue Libraries [21] to get to the research databases.
  2. Wiley Protocols in Molecular Biology. Link will only work on Purdue Recognized Computers. [22]
  3. Biobricks Parts Registry [23]

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