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Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson is currently involved in the 2008 University of Alberta iGEM team. She is entering into the 4th year of an Honors Biochemistry program, and wishes the actively pursue molecular virology in graduate studies. In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games, Magic the Gathering, watching anime and reading (anything from the Future of Spacetime to Metamorphoses). Her favorite bands include, but are not limited to, Opeth, Tristania, Blind Guardian and Lake of Tears.

Jason Gardiner

Jason is a veteran of IGEM 2007 where his team the Butanerds won first place in the Energy track. Jason is currently in his fourth year of his Bachelor degree specializing in Botany. His hobbies include Softball, Beach volley ball, soccer, as well as playing the guitar and fiddling with the IGEM 2008 Wiki. Jason hopes to finish his degree and then go into grad studies. His degree in botany focuses mostly on the molecular side of plants and he hopes to use this knowlegde applying synthetic biology to plants. He is also currently the acting president of the Organization of Botany Students (OBS).

Wen Winnie Xu

Winnie is entering 4th year cell biology. She does not have a lot of hobbies (and had a hard time spelling "hobbies"). Her favorate thing to do is sleep....However, the 6 month in iGEM have got her really excited about research; and She is looking forward to gain more experiences in labs in the future.

Benny Hung

Benny is entering his fifth year of study in UofA's Electrical Engineering (Biomedical Specialization) program, having transferred from the Engineering Physics program. This is his first year participating in the iGEM competition. He joined the team in hopes of gaining field experience, and meeting potential colleagues from around the world. In his spare time, he enjoys writing/playing music on his electric guitar, studying new languages (Mandarin, Japanese, and eventually Spanish), video games, reading, and just chilling in general.

Saima Zamir

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta's molecular genetics program and a first time participant in iGEM. His interests include (but are not limited to) science, science and more science (genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, astronomy, quantum mechanics in particular); but he also enjoys math and philosophy. In his spare time, Chris enjoys the most nerdiest of pursuits - Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, video games, arguing on the internet about trivial things (Yes, the Millennium Falcon could kick the Enterprise's butt), reading (mostly non-fiction science books, but occasionaly hard sci-fi) and making countless references to internet memes. His musical tastes are, shall we say, refined? He listens mainly to heavy metal but also likes post-rock, IDM/EDM/EBM and a little bit of shoegaze and neofolk. To top it off, he's a huge fan of Leonard Cohen. Go figure.

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Tom Tran

Tom is in 4th year biomedical electrical engineering. He likes to stay active and eat healthy. Staying active includes playing sports, working out and running. Tennis is his particular favorite sport of the summer and snowboarding is his winter sport. He enjoy speaking in the third person and does so often. Tom is also offended by all of the chuck norris jokes going around out there as he can also do all those things only better. One time Tom did a round house kick and started the universe.

Anthony Lott

Anthony Lott is in his 3rd year of undergraduate studies of Physiology at the University of Alberta. Although this is his first year with iGEM, Anthony brings a diverse (and not necessarily practical) array of laboratory experiences to the table. His past research projects include: mate-choice preference of Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus (Hurd Lab, 2005), site-directed mutagenesis of GFP (Campbell Lab, 2006), micro-CT analysis of Gdf6 skeletal deformities (Lehmann/Doschak Lab, 2007), and pH-microenvironments associated with AE1 (Casey Lab, 2008). Anthony's interests include badminton, raving about speedminton, collecting dust and microbes on his unused Yamaha C2 grand piano, art and design, and one-upping his fellow teammates. He is also involved with organizing Frontier College and the Heart of the City Piano Program. Anthony is interested in pursuing a career in health-care.

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David Lee Lancaster

David was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to some really awesome parents. Seriously. The best. He grew up around Calgary and graduated high school in a very small community outside of town called Crossfield. A four year break later, David returned to Calgary to earn his undergraduate degree in cellular, molecular, microbial biology. During his time at the University of Calgary, David worked under Dr. Douglas Storey investigating quorum sensing in Psuedomonas aeruginosa in relation to virulence. David moved north after his first degree to begin working under the direction of Dr. Richard Rachubinski. His project is focused upon prion behavior in budding yeast. Specifically the identification and characterization of novel prions in yeast, along with an investigation of possible cofactors in prion formation, progagation and regulation. With only a few years left in his PhD, David is having more fun than ever. David's interest in iGEM began with hearing about last years projects and a little bit of free time that he really wanted to occupy better than just playing a lot of video games.

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Saul Godkewitsch

Saul Godkewitsch, hailing from beautiful Canmore, Alberta, is in his fourth year of Electrical Engineering studies, biomedical option. While pipettes and Eppendorf tubes aren't his specialty, the iGEM project proved to be one of the most exciting pursuits of his summer. When he wasn't making gels or preparing overnights, Saul was spending time working on his diffusion tensor tractography project of neurodevelopment in the corpus callosum (read: "brain stuff"), or playing squash. Aside from schoolwork, Saul volunteers at the Campus Food Bank, plays guitar and enjoys sports of all variety.

Justin Pahara

Justin is a graduate student from the UofA. He has a BSc in Immunology and Infection and is a Masters Candidate in Cell Biology... or was... He has gone to pursuing his dream of saving the world...


Dr. Michael Deyholos

Dr. Douglas Ridgway

Dr. Michael Ellison

James Mclagan