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Phagemid Based Gateway


The phagemid scheme was motivated by a desire to further streamline the protocol for performing Gateway in vivo. Like the genomic scheme, this method utilizes positive selection to isolate the desired product. However, it improves on this scheme because the lysis and infection steps replace mini-preps and transformations without requiring additional devices.

This scheme utilizes two methods of positive selection: conditional origins of replication (oriV and oriR6K) and the ability to be packaged into and transported by a phage. When induced with arabinose, the phagemid (plasmid that can be packaged and transported by a phage) will be copied and packaged in phages that will subsequently lyse the cell. The resulting lysate containing phages holding the plasmid of interest can be used to transport the plasmid into other cells via infection.

Details about Plasmids and Strains

General Procedure