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!'''Administrative Support:'''
[[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Kate_Spohr|Kate Spohr]]<br>
[[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Susanna_Spiro|Susanna Spiro]]<br>
===Administrative Support:===
|[[Image:KateSpohrOfficial.png|100 px]][[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Kate_Spohr|Kate Spohr]]<br>
|[[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Susanna_Spiro|Susanna Spiro]]<br>

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Who we are


ChrisAndersonOfficial.pngJ. Christopher Anderson
Terry Johnson
MeganDueck.jpgMegan Dueck
JinHuhOfficial.pngJin Huh
DirkVandePolOfficial.pngDirk VandePol

Team Members:

MollyAllen.jpgMolly Allen
ChristieBrownOfficial.pngChristie Brown
CiciChenOfficial.pngCici Chen
ShereneCheungOfficial.pngSherene Cheung
AronLauOfficial.pngAron Lau
MarleeTichenorOfficial.pngMarlee Tichenor
MadhviVenkatest.jpgMadhvi Venkatesh
BingXiaOfficial.pngBing Xia

Administrative Support:

KateSpohrOfficial.pngKate Spohr
Susanna Spiro

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)