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|[[Image:ChrisAndersonOfficial.png|100 px]][| Chris Anderson]<br>
|[[Image:ChrisAndersonOfficial.png|100 px]][| Chris Anderson]<br>
|[[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Terry_Johnson|Terry Johnson]]<br>
|[[Image:UCB_tdj.jpg]][[Team:UC_Berkeley/Team/Terry_Johnson|Terry Johnson]]<br>
|[[Image:MeganDueck.jpg|100 px]]Megan Dueck<br>
|[[Image:MeganDueck.jpg|100 px]]Megan Dueck<br>

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Who we are


ChrisAndersonOfficial.pngChris Anderson
UCB tdj.jpgTerry Johnson
MeganDueck.jpgMegan Dueck
JinHuhOfficial.pngJin Huh
DirkVandePolOfficial.pngDirk VandePol

Team Members:

MollyAllen.jpgMolly Allen
ChristieBrownOfficial.pngChristie Brown
CiciChenOfficial.pngCici Chen
ShereneCheungOfficial.pngSherine Cheung
AronLauOfficial.pngAron Lau
MarleeTichenorOfficial.pngMarlee Tichenor
MadhviVenkatest.jpgMadhvi Venkatesh
BingXiaOfficial.pngBing Xia

Administrative Support:

KateSpohrOfficial.pngKate Spohr

What we did

The initial concept for Clonebots was developed through discussion between the students and the UCB iGEM team advisors. All experiments were performed by Clonebots team members under the supervision of Jin Huh.