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Clotho Beta: Future Development

New Features

  • New design views to supplement the Sequence View and allow easier designing of basic and composite BioBrick parts.
  • Ability to interface with devices, including robots that can be used for automated production of parts designed in Clotho.

A Biomek 3000 Pippeting Robot

Improved Features:

  • More Database support (systems like BrickIt!)

Helping Out In The Lab: Assembly Algorithms

  • Using the assembly algorithms, helped

PoBoL: BioBrick Data Sharing Made Easy

PoBoL stands for "Provisional BioBrick Language", and is the name given to a technical standard for BioBrick data in synthetic biology databases. Put simply, our implementation of PoBoL

For more information on the PoBoL standard, check out [1]

Increasing Collaboration Through Better Access To Database

Through a combination of PoBoL