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Downloads and Information

iGEM Version

Clotho jar file (iGEM Version 1.0) - 10/29/08 - This is a zip file of the executable jar, the required library files, and the needed configuration files and images. The user should simply unzip the file and run the jar file from the unzipped folder. **If you just want to run Clotho, you want this**

Clotho source code (iGEM Version 1.0) - 10/29/08 - This is the java source code for the iGEM 1.0 build of Clotho. This also includes the .form files for the NetBeans swing GUI environment. Clotho iGEM was developed using NetBeans 6.1 and our recommendation would be to use that platform as your IDE to minimize potential issues. Also included with the source code are the images and text files Clotho uses.

Library files - 10/29/08 - These are the library files needed to run Clotho if you wish to build the source code yourself. They include the Substance library for skins, JGraph for the algorithm manager, and others available in NetBeans for mySQL, Swing GUIs, etc. There are also library files related to the plug-in environment (jpf-tools and jpf for example). Many of these are available in other locations publicly but are here for convenience and compatibility.

Clotho iGEM README - 10/29/08 - This is a standard readme file which explains the iGEM release. In particular it explains how to build Clotho if you are not going to use the jar file we provide.

Clotho iGEM 1.0 JavaDoc - 10/29/08 - These are the Java docs for the iGEM release. If you would like the zip file containing the doc files you can get it here.

Java 6 - Get Java 6 here (required for Clotho).


FAQ - List of frequently asked questions about Clotho.

Known bugs - Don't see your bug here? Let us know!

Wish List - Here is a list of features that have been proposed (and possibly underdevelopment) for future Clotho releases.