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5) Restriction Site Highlighting
The Enzyme Library contains a list of restriction enzymes that you can search for in the sequence. You can select each enzyme individually, search for them by name or sequence, or select a pre-assigned group of enzymes. Let's try selecting the standard four BioBrick enzymes [EcoRI, PstI, SpeI, and XbaI]: you can do this by selecting them manually or by going to "Select by Group" and picking the "BBa Enzymes" group. Select the "Highlight Enzymes" button, and open the Sequence View window, but don't close the Enzyme Library just yet. You should see new orange highlights in the sequence corresponding to the selected restriction, and just like features, running the mouse cursor over the highlights shows the corresponding restriction enzyme. [Clotho supports multiple highlighting, so you may see features and restriction sequences overlapping one another, and in that case both names will be shown].





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