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Please post links to relevant papers here with brief descriptions. Sign your name in case we have questions. I'll start us off with everything I've gotten by email so far.



Patent: Method of producing bioadhesive protein. Making mussel proteins since 1990! ---Steve Kron

Patent: Bioadhesive precursor protein expression vectors. I swear these people just photocopied their application and mailed it out again. ---Steve Kron

Patent: Production of bioadhesive precursor protein analogs by genetically engineered organisms. New pictures this time. ---Steve Kron


An E. coli Expression System for the Extracellular Secretion of Barley α-Amylase (pdf). Entry into the wide-word of secretion-system manipulation.

Type III protein secretion systems in Bacterial Pathogens of Plants and Animals (pdf). A nice review of natural type III secretion systems we can take advantage of, preferably without getting bubonic plague.

Salmonella Secretion pathway

Cloning and Transfer of the Salmonella Pathogenicity Island 2 Type III Secretion System for Studies of a Range of Gram-Negative Genera (pdf). Wilson, et al.

Cellular microbiology of intracellular Salmonella enterica: functions of the type III secretion system (pdf). Kuhle, et al.

A conserved amino acid sequence directing intracellular type III secretion(pdf). Miao, et al.

Optimization of the Delivery of Heterologous Proteins by the Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Type III Secretion System for Vaccine Development(pdf). Chen, et al.

Delineation of Upstream Signaling Events in the Salmonella Pathogenicity Island 2 Transcriptional Activation Pathway. Kim et al. What turns on SPI-2.


Recombinant mussel adhesive protein Mgfp-5 as cell adhesion biomaterial. Modified Mgfp-5 is better than Cell-Tak or poly-L-lysine; unmodified is about the same as Cell-Tak. It survives harsher washes on glass than BSA or Cell-Tak. ---Steve Kron

Practical recombinant hybrid mussel bioadhesive fp-151. A recombinant fp-1/fp-5 fusion protein works in cell bioadhesion assays. 1g/L production and soluble. ---Steve Kron

Enhancement of Mussel Adhesive Protein Production in Escherichia coli by Co-expression of Bacterial Hemoglobin. --Jata

Cell adhesion biomaterial based on mussel adhesive protein fused with RGD peptide.--Nora

Peptides, Messersmith

"Mussel-Inspired Surface Chemistry for Multifunctional Coatings." Use of dopamine for the coating of materials. --Rob

"A reversible wet/dry adhesive inspired by mussels and geckos." Messersmith's combination of gecko-foot "pillars" and mussel-foot adhesive. Was on the cover of nature!!


The Golgi-localization of Yeast Emp47p Depends on Its Di-lysine Motif But Is Not Affected by the retl-1 Mutation in oL-COP. --Jata

Global analysis of protein localization in budding yeast . --Jata

Protein transport from the late Golgi to the vacuole in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. --Jata

Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of the protyrosinase gene, melO, from Aspergillus oryzae and expression of the gene in yeast cells. --Jata

"Tyrosine Inhibitory Peptide found in Flies. Potential "off switch" for tyrosinase activity - perhaps to terminate the continued growth of a glue-glob, or perhaps to prevent the conversion of DOPA into a quinone. Also potential for a negative feedback loop, as the peptide contains a potentially important DOPA.." --Rob

"Direct spectrophotometric assay of monooxygenase and oxidase activities of mushroom tyrosinase in the presence of synthetic and natural substrates"--a good methods paper for tyrosinase spectroscopy. --Daniel.

Computer Modeling

"Robustness analysis and tuning of synthetic gene networks." Modeling gene networks (Weiss). ---Nora

"Model checking genetic regulatory networks with parameter uncertainty." Another Weiss paper. --Nora


2007 Ideas. Great big honking list of references. ---Thomas Graham

"Quorum Sensing in E.Coli" Bioluminescence Activation via Q.S. -Rob

"[1]." Patent for stable extracellular tyrosinase which may or may not be useful --Laura

Molecular Biology Primer written by yours truly--Daniel

"Isolation, purification and characterization of b-1,3-glucan binding protein from the plasma of marine mussel Perna viridis" Assays for another binding protein that may be useful for our methods section.--Daniel

"The Hydroxylation of Phenylalanine and Tyrosine: A Comparison with Salicylate and Tryptophan." How the Fenton Reaction can hydroxylize Tyr into DOPA.--Daniel