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Faculty Advisers

Steve Kron
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and voted most likely to kill you with a wayward glare

Chris Schonbaum
Biological Sciences Collegiate Division


Parijata "Jata" Mackey
4th year, Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

Nora Yucel
2nd year, Biochemistry and voted most likely to be caught with a lab mouse in her pocket

Daniel M. Choi
2nd year, Theorist (Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Sociology) and voted most likely to kill E. coli with his mere presence

Laura Stone
3rd year, Biological Chemistry and Chemistry and voted most likely to make jokes referencing a chemical library

Rob McConeghy
1st year, Biological Sciences and voted more Irish than you

Damon Wang
1st year, Biological Chemistry and voted most likely to confuse people in ways they never thought possible


Harper Hall
For helping us get started, stay on our feet and not get lost in the lab. Thanks!

Recognized Student Organization

Synthetic Biology became a Recognized Student Organization at the University of Chicago on 30 May 2008. Our adviser is Dana Bozeman.


RSO Application

Interesting Notes

1. All the girls on the team have names that end in "A".
2. The platypus has no nipples. It secretes milk through its skin.
3. Humans are superorganisms whose metabolism represents an amalgamation of microbial and human attributes.
4. Daniel M. Choi is responsible for the explosion of his own iPod headphones with a non-resonating circuit placed more than 3 feet away from the apparatus he was working on.

"It somehow seems that biologists start to go engineer when they are at their wits' end and engineers go biology they are at their wits' end. Synthetic biology is probably neither biology nor engineering and that's good as both kind of people have to think outside their boxes."
-Dr. Markus Schmidt
International Dialogue and Conflict Management
Vienna, Austria


Our abstract will appear here.