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I am a senior of environmental science and technology, Beijing Normal University. I heard about this competition in the spring and was attracted immediately.

As a student of Environmental Science, I am always deeply touched by the environmental disasters and always dreams that we human beings can put an end of the "big three" that millions of people are suffering from, contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation, and polluted air. In my field of study, biology is my cup of tea and I believe that biotechnology is a better way to solve certain environmental issues, considering the relatively low cost, ability to reproduction, etc. So I think iGem would be the beginning of my further study with clearer goal.

I am excited to know so many students all over the world are busy preparing this competition and really looking forward to communicating with you all in this summer. iGem is a perfect platform for us to make friends with the same interest from other universities. So Let's keep in touch!