Hi, I'm jenny. I'm a fourth year undergraduate studying environmental engineering at Beijing Normal University. It was the theme of genetic engineering that attracted me to iGEM. Genetic engineering is a form of miniature engineering in the conventional sense: it uses bio-bricks to construct, and by reorganizing and tuning the components, wonderful utility is achieved. What is most fascinating about it is that the parts, being active, interact with each other and thus the most unexpected results sometimes come out.

My recent research experiences include chemical engineering and supply chain optimization. I participated in the Hi-tech Research and Development Program of China No. 2006AA06Z323: investigating New Methods Using Laccase as photocatalyst to degrade chlorophenols. I was also engaged in a project investigating adopting the systems approach to receive the most optimum and sustainable utility in the supply chain.

I was reading some of the other teams' wiki just now and it was truly amazing what these guys are doing. Truly look forward to meeting these very brainy people.