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Overall project

n this idea, we make an analogous between pipeline, which is widely used in manufacturing, and our gene circuits. We also borrow the concept of bucket theory to emphasize the spirit of being cooperate and help each other, then we can achieve higher efficiency and finally reach our goals.

Project Details

To look it further into details, there are mainly three branches in this design: the fast branch, which can produce particular protein by expressing gene quickly, the slow branch, which may be a little slower, also need help provided by the fast one, and the last branch is the mediator, although it only has one promoter and one gene, it plays a great role in the whole circuit of our “assembling”. In a word, it can mediate the two branches and make a balance between them, that is, specifically, ask the fast one to “wait” for the slow one, moreover, help the slow one to “ask” for a helping hand from the fast branch, so that the signals produced by the two branches can “meet” each other at a proper time and finally activate the last promoter to get to our destination.

The meaning

Furthermore, the idea can also reflect our IGEM team, that is, of course we have team members who are more capable than the others, so they may stand for the “fast branch” here, while the others may stands for the slow branch who also contribute a lot to our team. Ms Song is our real mediator and helps a lot in exchanging information and makes a balance in our team. We all need each other to achieve our common goals. Through this idea, we may understand better what is cooperating and make great contributions to our teams.