Team:Johns Hopkins


Welcome to The Johns Hopkins University iGEM Team

The International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition (iGEM) is an annual intercollegiate challenge that seeks to answer the question: "Can simple biological systems be built from standard, interchangeable parts and operated in living cells? Or is biology simply too complicated to be engineered in this way?"

The newly-formed iGEM team at Johns Hopkins University is composed primarily of undergraduate students with diverse majors ranging from Materials Science Engineering to Biology. While the team has graduate and faculty input, it is almost completely undergraduate run.

We plan to create novel genetic parts that could be added to the existing iGEM registry of biological parts. The iGEM Registry of Parts is an ever-growing databank of biological standards, or "biobricks". However, there are currently only 16 yeast "biobricks" in the registry. By the end of our project, we hope to increase that amount.

To view a summary of our project, click here.