Beijing Normal/19 July 2008


Today Stephen and Sally had a meeting with guys from Tsinghua iGem team. It is very helpful and several key things was decided as fowllows after the discussion: 1. survey the parts intended to submitted to find out the five restriction sites stipulated by the biobrick standards, which are EcoR I, Not I, XbaI, Spe I, Pst I. Then site mutation is needed to perform. (person in chargeļ¼šJeason, Sally, Stephen )

2.Try to sign up a contract with Invitrogen for their series of service (primer, synthesize, sequence, site mutation), together with Tsinghua Uni.(Sally and Stephen)

3. Check the synthesize of service provided by Geneart. And plan to sign the agreement. (Sally, Jenny, Stephen)

4 contact with PSU team as stephen recommended.(stephen)

5 Refresh our wiki asap.

(1) pls write a description that u would like to have to appear on our wiki including a pic of urself. pls refer to other teams' wiki. (all)

  (2) complete the framework of our wiki
  (3) refresh projrect description (sally, stephen)