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Laboratory work


17 October~

  1. Sender Wash
    1. Centrifuged 2 tubes containing(BBa_T9002(JW1908))at 20°C,3600rpm for 6min and discarded supernatant.
    2. Added 10mL LB-Amp to each tube.
    3. Repeated wash twice.
  2. Creating bacterial plates
    1. LB-Amp pre-cultured Sender(BBa_S03623(JW1908)) tube 1 (10mL) was mixed with LB-Amp-agar(50°C)(10ml)to produce sender containing bacterialplate-1.
  3. Lifted with nitrocellulose
    1. Receiver(BBa_T9002(JW1908))colony was transfered to a nitrocellulose filter and placed on each of Sender(BBa_S03623(JW1908))containing bacterial plate (1~3) and Sender-absent negative control plate (t=0). Determined the time required for the colonies to fluoresce depending on the bacterial concentration (100 and 1000-fold dilution).
  4. Method to detect fluorescence
    1. Plates cultured at 37°C were exposed to UV (312nm) light once every 30 minutes to observe GFP fluorescence.


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