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Parts Submitted to the Registry Notebook

The Davidson-Missouri Western team contributed 105 new parts to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. New basic parts contributed included seven novel hybrid promoters, seven promoters and genes to support the Lsr cellular communication system, two improved versions of the pLac promoter, and three new variants of the Lac repressor. All basic parts were sequenced verified. Intermediate parts were constructed by combining new and existing Registry parts. Devices were designed and constructed to function as biological XOR gates and cellular communication components.

Number Type Description Size
BBa_K09100 Composite Receiver for AHL and Outputs GFP when AHL is present 1946 bp
BBa_K091001 Coding LsrR gene 954
BBa_K091002 Coding LsrK gene 1593
BBa_K091100 Regulatory pLac_lux hybrid promoter 74
BBa_K091101 Regulatory pTet_Lac hybrid promoter 83
BBa_K091104 Regulatory Mnt/LacI Hybrid Promoter 87
BBa_K091105 Regulatory Mnt/TetR Hybrid Promoter 98
BBa_K091106 Regulatory LsrA/cI hybrid promoter 141
BBa_K091107 Regulatory Lux-cI hybrid promoter 57
BBa_K091109 Coding LuxS 516
BBa_K091110 Regulatory LacI Promoter 56
BBa_K091111 Regulatory LacIQ promoter 56
BBa_K091112 Regulatory LacIQ1 promoter 56
BBa_K091114 Regulatory LsrAR Promoter 248
BBa_K091115 Regulatory LsrR Promoter 100
BBa_K091116 Regulatory LsrA Promoter 126
BBa_K091117 Regulatory pLas promoter 126
BBa_K091118 Intermediate Codes for LasR and LasR regulated GFP 1985
BBa_K091119 Intermediate LacI protein generator with a pTet promoter 74
BBa_K091120 Intermediate pTet regulated production of LacI protein 1163
BBa_K091121 Coding LacI wild-type gene 1083
BBa_K091122 Coding LacI_I12 protein 1083
BBa_K091123 Composite LacI_I12 protein regulated by pTet 1163
BBa_K091125 Composite GFP generator regulated by pTet 938
BBa_K091126 Composite pTet regulated production of LacI_X86 1163
BBa_K091127 Coding LacI_I12_X86 1083
BBa_K091128 Composite pTet regulation of the LacI_I12_X86 protein 1163
BBa_K091131 Generator pLacIQ1 controlled GFP generator 940
BBa_K091132 Composite pMnt/Tet+RBS+LuxI 767
BBa_K091133 Composite pBAD+RBS+TetR 841
BBa_K091134 Device Las Receiver 2048
BBa_K091136 Signalling Las Sender Testing Device 670
BBa_K091137 Coding RBS+Mnt+TT 468
BBa_K091138 Composite RBS+lsrR 972
BBa_K091139 Composite RBS+lsrR+TT 1109
BBa_K091140 Composite plsrA/cI+RBS+luxI 810
BBa_K091141 Composite RBS+Mnt+TT 468
BBa_K091142 Intermediate plsrA/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1286
BBa_K091143 Regulatory plasR/cI Hybrid Promoter 164
BBa_K091144 Composite pMnt/Tet+RBS+LuxI+RBS+cI+TT 1671
BBa_K091145 Composite pBAD+RBS+TetR+TT 978
BBa_K091146 Regulatory pLas+ Lux- Promoter 126
BBa_K091147 Composite pBAD+RBS+Mnt+TT 606
BBa_K091148 Generator pLas' Promoter Testing Construct A 1997
BBa_K091149 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct B 1997
BBa_K091150 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct C 2804
BBa_K091151 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct D 2761
BBa_K091152 Signalling pLas' Testing Construct D 2804
BBa_K091153 Signalling Standard RBS with LuxS 534
BBa_K091154 Composite RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1137
BBa_K091155 Intermediate plasR/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1309
BBa_K091156 Regulatory pLux 55
BBa_K091157 Regulatory pLux+ Las- Promoter 55
BBa_K091158 Composite RBS+lsrK 1611
BBa_K091159 Composite pBAD+RBS+lsrK 1749
BBa_K091160 Composite pMnt/Tet-RBS-GFP-TT 982
BBa_K091161 Signalling RBS+LasI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1103
BBa_K091162 Signalling Promoter+RBS+LasI+RBS+Mnt+TT 1168
BBa_K091163 Signalling RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT 1010
BBa_K091164 Signalling Promoter+RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT 1075
BBa_K091165 Reporter pLux/cI+RBS+GFP+TT 941
BBa_K091166 Signalling pBAD-RBS-luxR 937
BBa_K091167 Signalling RBS+LuxI+TT 798
BBa_K091168 Composite pLac/Mnt+RBS+LuxS+RBS+cI+TT 1533
BBa_K091169 Composite plasR/cI+E0240(GFP) 1048
BBa_K091170 Composite plsrA/cI+E0240(GFP) 1025
BBa_K091171 Composite pBAD+RBS+cI+TT 1034
BBa_K091172 Intermediate lsr system supporting genes 2866
BBa_K091173 Device pLsr/cI+RBS+luxI+RBS+Mnt+TT+pTet/Mnt+RBS+luxI+RBS+cI+TT 2965
BBa_K091174 Device pBAD-RBS-TetR-TT-pBAD-RBS-LsrK-RBS-LsrR-TT 3852
BBa_K091175 Composite pBAD-RBS-tetR-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT 1968
BBa_K091176 Composite pBAD-RBS-Mnt-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT 1596
BBa_K091177 Composite pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT-pBAD-RBS-tetR-TT 1968
BBa_K091178 Composite pMnt/tetR-RBS-GFP-TT-pBAD-RBS-Mnt-TT 1596
BBa_K091179 Signalling LuxR receiver and pBAD promoter 1074
BBa_K091180 Composite pLac-RBS-LasR-TT 999
BBa_K091181 Composite pBad-RBS-tetR-TT-placI/pI-RBS-lasR-TT 1985
BBa_K091182 Composite pLasR/cI-RBS-LuxI-RBS-Mnt-TT-pMnt/tetR-RBS-LuxI-RBS-cI-TT 2988
BBa_K091183 Signalling pBAD+RBS+LuxR+RBS+cI lam+TT 1841
BBa_K091184 Regulatory pLux/cI+RBS+LuxS+RBS+Mnt+TT+pLac/Mnt+RBS+LuxS+RBS+cI+TT 2616
BBa_K091185 Composite LacI_I12+TT 1220
BBa_K091186 Composite pBAD+RBS+LacI+TT+pBAD+RBS+LuxR+TT 2528
BBa_K091188 Composite pMnt/lac+RBS+lasI+RBS+cI+TT 1626
BBa_K091190 Composite plux/cI+RBS+lasI+RBS+Mnt+TT+pMnt/lac+RBS+lasI+RBS+cI+TT 2802
BBa_K091191 Composite pBAD+RBS+luxS+TT 809
BBa_K091192 Composite pBAD+RBS+lasI+TT 807
BBa_K091194 Reporter Promoter testing construct 2023
BBa_K091195 Reporter Promoter testing construct 1983
BBa_K091196 Reporter Promoter testing construct 2790
BBa_K091197 Intermediate plsrAcI testing construct with GFP 3899
BBa_K091198 Intermediate plasRcI testing construct 2055
BBa_K091199 Intermediate plasR/cI overall testing construct 3097
BBa_K091200 Intermediate plsrA/cI testing construct with lambda cI repression 2067
BBa_K091201 Intermediate plsrAcI overall testing construct 4941
BBa_K091202 Intermediate plasRcI testing construct with lambda cI repression 2090
BBa_K091203 Device pBAD-RBS-LuxR-RBS-LacI(I12)-TT 2183
BBa_K091204 Coding Prom-LuxR-TT 979
BBa_K091205 Coding Prom-LasR-TT 979
BBa_K091206 Coding Prom-LuxR-TT-Prom-LasR-TT 1966
BBa_S03967 Intermediate RBS-LasI 627
BBa_S03968 Intermediate RBS-LuxS 534
BBa_S03969 Intermediate pMnt/Lac-RBS-GFP-TT 971
BBa_S03979 Intermediate RBS-LuxS-RBS-cI-TT 1438
BBa_S03980 Intermediate pBAD-RBS-LacI-TT 1446
BBa_S04058 Intermediate RBS-LacI12-TT 1238

Safety considerations: To the best of our knowledge, the new parts above pose no threats to researcher, public, or environmental safety. Student researchers are instructed by faculty mentors in the use of best practices in laboratory procedures when handling bacteria and reagents.

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