Team EPF-Lausanne

Where we're from

Lausanne is a beautiful city near the Leman Lake and the Alps, in Switzerland. Our school is one of the two engineering schools on the federal level in Switzerland, sister school of ETH in Zürich. We are from the Life Sciences department, and most of us study in the Life Sciences and Technology section. We enjoy a beautiful campus near the lake, with infrastructures in many engineering departments, which we take advantage of for many multidisciplinary projects and approaches.

Life Sciences and Technologies at EPFL

In the last few years, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne has been developing a new bachelor and master curriculum built at the interface between engineering and life sciences. The Life Sciences and Technologies curriculum gives us an interdisciplinary approach to life sciences current issues.

During the bachelor cycle, we study above all mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics while going through the basics in diverse biological and engineering subjects. During the master cycle, we can then specialize our studies into diverse fields such as neuroscience, oncology, biotechnology, bioengineering, or bioinformatics.

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Who we are


To contact us, just email us: [first name][dot][last name]

Faculty Members

Our iGem Experience

IGEM has permitted us to have an incomparable insight into what Genetic Engineering really is about. Since we all come from a Life Science curriculum, this competition allowed us to apply all we have already studied and more. It was a test to see how our knowledge and skills so far would allow us to achieve a research project from A to Z (idea drafting to application stages). The experience couldn't be better. During six short exciting months, we learned how biological research takes time, patience and dedication. We don't think any other project at least open to Bachelor students could have taught us so much in so little time, all this, while meeting new people and having fun! We were initiated to real lab work, which for many of us was completely new. We learned more simulations methods and how to apply concrete mechanical engineering applied to biological application (microfluidics). We all personally gained invaluable new skills and experience by participating in EPF-Lausanne's IGEM team. Not only did we gain more drive too pursue our studies but we also acquired much new and interesting knowledge.
We all look forward to being in Boston and meeting the other teams!

The EPF-Lausanne Team