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Instructors & Advisors

Ariel Lindner, Biology / Chemistry

Major in Chemistry (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) working on catalytic antibodies as enzyme models. After a research period at the Scripps Institute (California, USA), I currently work in Paris as associate professor at the Medicine faculty of medicine, Paris Descartes university where where applpying Physical, Chemical and Biological approaches to study variability between clonal individual bacterial cells and their aging. As a co-initiator and teacher of the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences master program at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, I try to help students fulfill their talents and thus instruct our students-initiated iGEM team.

Samuel Bottani, Physics

I am a physicist, associate professor at the University Denis Diderot in Paris. I am interested in self-organization, out of equilibrium dynamics, and the logic of cellular computation. My research interests are on structure, dynamics and evolution of regulatory networks. In particular I am interested in the interplay between genome architecture, spatial organization of the cell and dynamical properties of cell functions. Genomic context and architecture possibly determines or optimizes the output of artificial genetic networks. I am very concerned in innovation in university teaching.

Gregory Batt, Computer Science

I'm a research scientist at INRIA. I work on developing mathematical approaches and computational tools for the analysis of genetic regulatory networks, with applications in systems and synthetic biology. The central question I try to address is how to obtain relevant predictions despite large parameter uncertainties and environmental fluctuations. My work combines modeling in biology, maths and computer science.

Thomas Landrain, Biology

I was part of the Paris IGEM 2007 Team and i needed more:-) I'm the president of the Systems ans Synthetic Biology Club of Paris (SYNBIOSYS) and I'm now doing my PhD with Alfonso Jaramillo (Genopole-Ecole Polytechnique) on Zinc-Finger Protein engineering and RNA network engineering.

David-bikard.jpg David Bikard Franck-delaplace.jpg Franck Delaplace
Engineer in Life Sciences Bioinformatics
Background & Interests: Engineering, Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Member of the 07' Paris iGEM Team Background & Interests: (Franck)
JL-giavitto.jpg Jean-Louis Giavitto Olivier-michel.jpg Olivier Michel
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Background & Interests: (Jean-Louis) Background & Interests: (Olivier)
Aurelien-rizk.jpg Aurélien Rizk Gilles-vieira.jpg Gilles Vieira
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics
Background & Interests: Computer Science, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Member of the 07' Paris iGEM Team Background : Bioinformatics & biostatistics, Member of the 07' Paris iGEM Team
Interests : System & synthetic biology
Metabolic & network modelling.

Richard Emmanuel Eastes.jpg
Richard Emmanuel Eastes
Communication and Scientific culture