Asia Teachers Workshop/Team reports



Kyoto University

  • Team introductions: 10 students from freshman undergrad to masters from different sciences
  • Perhaps a team of bacteria can join iGEM someday
  • Got students by advertising in labs and posting posters


  • Koch University
  • Heard about synbio from Richard Newton; heard about iGEM from Randy's talk in Spain
  • 6 faculty members from ee, cs, chemeng, bioeng
  • Recruited students from other universities via a summer research program
  • 10 students
  • Will start experiments July 1
  • Might be just software or just wetware or both

Tokyo Tech

  • Returning team
  • $5000 scholarship established
  • 8 student members, 2 grad students
  • Project: bacteria producing wind power??
  • Kiga lab funding and scholarship


  • Returning team
  • 8 members

University of Hong Kong

  • 7 undergrads, 2 postgrad advisors, biochem, bionformatics, bioeng, chem
  • working on getting financial support


  • Second year team
  • Started in Dec 2007
  • Have a synbio association (40 people) where they got the students - competed to get a spot on the team (10 students)
  • Possible projects: chemotaxis, metastasis of cancer cells,
  • Univ dept support team financially
  • Lab space in EE dept

Beijing Normal University

  • Heard about iGEM from Tsinghua/Peking Univ.
  • Dean showed great interest and supported financially
  • 7 student members: different schools bio, environmental tech, cs, chem (some other universities too)


  • Second year team
  • Center for Sys and SynBio
  • Part of the Genome Engineering lab
  • Came up with >30 different ideas
  • Started early- in March. Had weekly meetings.
  • Project: remove toxic waste from kidney failure patients
  • Separating into 7 different parts that will then be combined
  • More than 20 people (out of 50 applicants - mostly because of gold medal last year)
  • University is providing funding