DNA Submission/Favorites

From 2008.igem.org

(Note that we are in the process of automating this process so that all you will have to do is press a button to promote your part to favorites. Until that is ready, please follow the instructions below.)

For iGEM 2008 the judging committee may decide to only judge the parts that are in a team's Favorites box. To promote parts to Favorites follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your team's Part page

You will see:


2. Click on the part that you want to promote

3. Click on Hard Information

You will see:

Hard info.png

4. Click on the Edit link

You will see:

Hard info edit.png

5. In the categories box type: ///igem2008/[team_name]/favorite

6. Click save

7. Go back to your team's Part page to verify that your part has been promoted