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Dear sir:

I am writing on behalf of BNU Team. We are using the non-standard parts, PZ series vector besides the standard vector, pSB1AC3. Because we found somehow this standard vector is sometimes unstable in our experiments. So I am writing for the permission.

best regards,


Beijing Normal University


Dear Sally:

It is not uncommon for parts to be unstable in high copy number plasmids. First, we want to remind you that there are other low to medium copy number biobrick standard vectors already available for parts submission, and you may find that your parts are stable in one of those. However, we are inclined to permit you to submit parts on a PZ series vector if you can document it as a new biobricks standard. That assumes the proposed vector is compatible with the BBa cloning scheme, or another scheme similarly defined. If you chose that path, please immediately send thorough documentation of your proposed vector and evidence that it works. For examples of stable low to medium copy number vectors, and the level of documentation expected, see http://partsregistry.org/cgi/partsdb/pgroup.cgi?pgroup=Plasmid


iGEM judging team