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Dear Judges,

At Brown, we are building a regulatory gene network in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and are excited to contribute to the growing collection of yeast parts in the Registry. We are building our constructs using the Silver Lab Biofusion standard for the fusion of protein domains, and the Biobrick standard for the addition of regulatory regions. Construction takes place on Biobrick vectors, while the final constructs are cloned onto integrative yeast shuttle vectors from the pRS30x family. (http://www.genetics.org/cgi/reprint/122/1/19.pdf) The pRS vectors are not suitable for Biobrick construction, but their multiple cloning sites provide for the convenient cloning of a complete Biobrick construct onto the vector. (http://openwetware.org/wiki/Silver:_BB_Strategy) Our parts on pRS vectors are useful as complete constructs for integration into the yeast genome, and in that way would be a valuable addition to the registry. Some final constructs could be useful as construction intermediates as well- in these cases we would like to submit them on both pRS vectors for yeast integration as-is, and on standard Biobrick vectors for use in construction.

Thank you,

John Szymanski
Brown iGEM
Team Limiter


Hi John:

Thank you for your inquiry. First, we absolutely welcome your basic parts as standard BioBrick alpha parts. For the pRS vectors, we would like your team to document how you are moving the BB alpha parts onto a yeast shuttle vector, and further explain how and why this is useful. We expect that this second aspect of the work could be recognized as a new BB assembly technique (for moving BBa parts onto yeast chromosomes), and approve your request contingent on further documentation.


iGEM judging team