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Dear iGEM-judging team,

representing 2008Žs team of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, I am asking for permission to submit our parts in a non-standard vector, which is fully compatible to the standard cloning scheme (none of the Biobrick-restriction sites -except for pre- and suffix of the parts- occur in the vector), and which is in addition compatible with our extended restriction-site-system for fusion-proteins from last yearŽs proposal (details: http://2007.igem.org/Freiburg07/report_fusion_parts ).

This is necessary, because we have to avoid the stop-codons generated by the Biobrick-scars. Unfortunately, the standard vector contains the additional restriction sites we use for our parts.

As said, the vector ('pMA' from Geneart used for iGEM orders) would feature full compatibility, and the parts we want to submit fulfill all criteria of the Biobrick-standard. If you give us permission and need further information about the vector (sequence?), please let me know.





Request approved. Please coordinate with the Registry staff so that they are prepared to handle your plasmid. Also, please enter and describe the pMA vector as a new vector in the Registry database if it is not already so described.

Thank you for providing the reference and documentation in your inquiry. The documentation was very helpful, and should be provided in the registry description for the pMA vector.

Best, Drew and the iGEM judging team