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Dear iGEM judges,

The team LCG-UNAM-MEXICO is participating this year for the first time, and I'm writing on behalf of the team to request permission for submitting our Biobricks in non-standard vectors.

Our project requires very tight regulation of E. coli nickel extrusion pump (RcnA) through several regulatory upstream proteins. Our Analysis suggest that we need to control very accurately the production of several molecules and a crucial part of this requires stable low copy-number vectors. For this reason we would like to use pRK415 and pBBIMCS-5 derivatives as our plasmid backbones. We will be adding Biobrick prefix and suffix to both of them. We will also make sure that our parts are easily extracted from the plasmid either through digestion with commercially available enzymes or through PCR.

All this information will be shared to ensure that our Biobricks are useful for the community.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Sur Herrera Paredes

LCG-UNAM-MEXICO Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Dear Sur:

We need some additional information about this request. It appears you are developing some new BioBrick alpha compatible vectors derived from PRK415 and pBBIMCS-5, which could be very useful in and of themselves (i.e., new parts). We like this idea, but do require complete documentation about these vectors so they can be used by others in the future. Examples of the documentation required of standard biobrick vectors are at: http://partsregistry.org/cgi/partsdb/pgroup.cgi?pgroup=Plasmid

If you are able to provide adequate documentation of these new vectors, then we would be pleased to evaluate them as standard vectors and hopefully allow submission of your new parts as proposed. Otherwise, you should submit your parts on an existing standard plasmid, specifically the pSB series in the biobricks registry.


iGEM judging team