Judging/Variance/U. Michigan

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Dear iGEM Judges,

I am writing on behalf of the University of Michigan Synthetic Biology team to request your permission to submit non-BioBrick parts to the registry.

For iGEM 2008, our team is trying to build a synthetic clock in E.coli that is an alteration of one found in mammals. However, upon review of clock literature, we realized that our clock has more potential to oscillate if we reduce the noise in the system. Hence, we want to incorporate our genetic operons into the E.coli chromosome. Our tool for doing this are landing pads.

The two landing pads we are using for the project will replace the arabinose and leucine operons. The leucine landing pad is a construct that Dong Eun Chang, a former member of the Ninfa lab created, and the arabinose landing pad was one of the projects we presented at iGEM last year. These landing pads are BioBrick compatible, so standard BioBrick assembly can be used to construct into these plasmids. We are in the process of writing up and uploading the documentation for these parts on our wiki.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Amrit Misra



Thanks for your email. Request approved. Please carefully document how others can use your landing pads and provide the parts to the Registry in a format that will support ready reuse by others. Please also make sure to enter descriptions and instruction for using the parts directly into the Parts pages too.

Best, Drew and the iGEM Judging team