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To whom it may concern,

I am a member of the Wisconsin iGEM team. We are unsure of whether or not we have to submit a notice and description of non-standard parts. We are planning to send in standard biobrick from parts for most aspects of our project. We have been using the pET28a vector from Novagen for multiple purposes and for a few reasons (T7-tag, his-tag, protease site, etc.). We are unsure if we are able to submit this plasmid with our genes in it due to it being a commerical product. We are also unsure of whether or not we need to submit it since we are planning on submitting standard biobrick plasmids with just our genes in them (none of the extra features such as the tags will be present). Also for one of our projects it was necessary to use the Rosetta-gami2(DE3)pLysS strain from Novagen for several different reasons. This strain has a fairly essential part in this project. I do not believe we can submit this strain to the registry. Should we still send in descriptions of these non standard parts even if we cannot actually submit them?

Thanks, Andy


Hi Andy,

Please do not submit the commercial plasmids to the registry. However, when you submit your parts on standard biobrick plasmids, please do document that you have tags and other features available on your Novagen commercial plasmids so that others can contact you if needed.

The standard vectors that should be used for part submission are the pSB series in the biobricks registry. These vectors can be found at http://partsregistry.org/cgi/partsdb/pgroup.cgi?pgroup=Plasmid


iGEM judging team