Purdue/10 July 2008

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After letting the transformation solutions sit out overnight, there are enough cells to do bead plating. Bead plated control (pUC19), LacZalpha, and LacY genes, and let incubate at 37C o/n.

Found via email from Chris French (Edinburgh) that RFP will make a visible red color. Therefore, we don't need any fancy MacConkey agar combined with a lac operon. Yay!

Revision 10385: First reporter = phr + RFP, 2nd reporter = SOS (recA) + LacZ. We'll still put X-gal in the substrate.

Probable RFP gene to use: J06702--the mCherry (modified mRFP-1) gene with an RBS. It's on pSB1A2, 869 bp long, AK resistant, on plate 1004 well 7H. The only problem is that the QC data isn't very good.

Also: since the stabs from IGEM for the SOS and LacZ genes grew up so well, we're making glycerol stocks. Today, made overnights in amp LB. Put in 37C incubator.

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