Purdue/11 June 2008

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Lab Meeting

In attendance:

Craig Barcus
Janie Stine
Michael Iannotti
David Jaroch
Dr. Jenna Rickus
Dr. Bernard Tao


  1. Discussed unfeasibility of Milk spoilage idea
    1. According to consumer standards, milk pH need only decrease 0.2 pH units (from 6.6 to 6.4) before it is considered unacceptable
    2. Lactose and lactobacilli pathways are too subtle to be able to detect with bacteria
    3. Idea not commercially useful
  2. Brainstormed a lot
  3. NEW IDEA: UV sensor
    1. Changes color when under UV light for too long (dangerous levels)
    2. Use naturally existing DNA repair pathways (RecA)
    3. Make into a patch form that could be stuck onto skin or clothing
      1. Patch would have a vital nutrient to keep colonies on patch
      2. Possible patch = liquid band-aid?
  4. Components
    1. Promoter from a DNA-repair pathway natural to E. coli or other bacteria (RecA?) -- See Dave
    2. Something that colors the bacteria:
      1. Could be a colored protein or metabolic color
      2. It's better if it's from an enzyme pathway--easier to control
      3. Want it to be degradable so that the color fades when you're not in the sun
    3. Also need a method for a patch
      1. Needs to be able to sustain bacterial growth without contaminating humans, etc.
  5. Possible uses:
    1. Sunscreen
    2. Clothing
    3. Hair Dye
    4. Tatoos
    5. "Invisible Ink"

Edited by Janie Stine